January, 2014: Heliotext receives contract from the European Respitory Society to process abstracts for the annual meeting.
January, 2013: Dr. Garner's manscript on scientific grant fraud appears in Nature.
August, 2011: Heliotext begins work on MajorizeMe application.
October, 2009: Heliotext begins research to diversity into meeting planning area.
March, 2009: Dr. Garner's manuscript on understanding scientific plagiarism appears in Science.
October, 2008: Heliotext receives contract from National Institutes of Health to create GRASP sytem.
August, 2008: Heliotext founded.
January, 2008: Dr. Garner's manuscript on discovering scientific plagiarism appears in Nature.
September, 2006: Dr. Garner publishes the key manuscript on text similarity analysis in Bioinformatics.
March, 1998: Dr. Garner publishes his first manuscript on text analysis in IEEE Eng Med Biol Mag.

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