How do we do it:

HelioText has built a unique text analytics tool that works through similarity evaluation to help clients rapidly navigate and summarize text to find similarities, associated ideas, keywords and hidden insights that will assist them in unearthing information that might require long hours of investigation... or never be found at all.
Heliotext's CSO has developed and reported on text similarity seraching and its many utilities in top-tier peer reviewed scientific journals. For a list of publications click here.

Our core technology is a quick-turn calibrated, verified and quantified text similarity search tool which can be deployed for:

   data/document clustering,
   data comparison,
   data mining, extraction and analysis,
   hypothesis generation,
   keyword, phrase insight identification, and more.

The tool works on both open source public text database resources as well as proprietary databases. As needed, HelioText will also build the custom text databases needed to conduct the analysis work.

HelioText services can be run on a service basis or seamlessly interfaced with the client's IT system to provide both real time and bulk analysis capabilities.

Questions about how HelioText can work for you? Please drop us a line!

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